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At the very heart of Atlas Telecom’s success is a focus on providing customers with the very best technicians and customer support services. This is why career development and ongoing training is such and integral part of Atlas Telecom’s vision.

As a leader across core industries, our collective strategy is to attract, nurture and retain the best in each business area and compensate them with attractive salaries and benefits.

Atlas Telecom is an equal opportunities employer, committed to working with the very best people, rewarding success and promoting excellence.

Job Opportunities
Recruitment at Atlas Telecom

Job Code: UAE
Location : UAE
2017-11-05 07:12:58
Minimum 3 years experience in the below:     1. Microwave Antenna Alignment   2. Installation of Microwave Antenna on towers (onshore & offshore).     3. Installation of GSM antennas, Radio dishes, cameras & grounding cables.

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RF Planner and Optimizer
Job Code: J0001
Location : Abu Dhabi
2017-11-18 23:00:18
Full time   Required work experience, skills or education: -BSc Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering. -Knowledge of planning tools e.g. Atol, Planet, Nemo. -Minimum of a 3 years planning and optimization experience. -Knowledge of PMR Networks.

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RF Sales Engineer
Job Code: J0002
Location : Abu Dhabi
2017-11-18 23:00:46
Full time   Required work experience, skills or education: -Good understanding of RF/Microwave products, components, and systems. -Minimum of a 3 years sales experience. -Ability to find and successfully acquire new business opportunities. -Good communication skills, both written and verbal as well as face to face presentation.

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Office Boy
Job Code: J0003
Location : Abu Dhabi
2017-12-20 23:23:51
Qualification : Optional. Cadidate should be presentable, neat and well English speaker. Requirement is Urgent - Candidates on Tourist/VIsit VISA is preferred.

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HR Officer
Job Code: J0003
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-01-13 23:39:47
Job Description: Ensures the relationship between the organization and employees is managed appropriately  Acts as a central point of contact for all employees  Liaise with other departments or functions  Preparing monthly Payroll SAP update Support the recruitment/hiring process    Assist supervisors in performance management procedures  Monitor employee leave  Over time   &final settlement Schedule meetings, interviews, HR events etc. and maintain the team’s agenda  Coordinate training sessions and seminars  Perform orientations, onboarding and update records with new hires  Produce and submit reports on general HR activity  Support other functions as assigned  Attends to employees’ enquiries and clarifications regarding all areas of their employment  Provides administrative support for all areas of employee relations  Administers the probation review process across the company                                                                     Job Requirements : Proven experience as an HR coordinator or relevant human resources/administrative position  Knowledge of human resources processes and best practices  with experience 4 years . Strong ability in using MS Office (MS Excel and MS PowerPoint,  SAP in particular)  Experience with HR databases and SAP systems In-depth understanding of sourcing tools, like resume databases and online communities  Familiarity with social media recruiting  Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills  Ability to handle data with confidentiality  Good organizational and time management skills BSC in Human Resources  or Finance   CIPD certification is an advantage

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Maintenance Engineer/Technicia
Job Code: J0004
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-02-15 02:37:58
Job Description: Nationality: Emirati -- Gender: Male ---Education: Bachelor or diploma in Electronics/Communication/Computer Engineering field Skills ---Understanding of drawings and schematics Experience in installation and maintenance of radio systems Good knowledge of health and safety regulation Good Arabic & English oral and written communication. ----Responsibilities Installing, operating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing all radio system equipment   Implementing equipment modifications and improvements   Training and knowledge transfer to other team members and clients

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Service Coordinator
Job Code: J0005
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-02-15 05:30:12
Nationality:Emirati ---- Gender: Male --- Education: Bachelor or diploma in Business Admin  -----Skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Detail oriented Able to collaborate and interact with others Demonstrated effectiveness in a Microsoft Office environment Strong customer service skills ------- Responsibilities Organize numerous activities within service department Prioritize effectively multiple responsibilities Maintain customer information database Assist with service call scheduling and coordination of travel arrangements Transfer service related calls to appropriate in-house support team

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Transmission Network/Microwave
Job Code: J0006
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-02-25 05:19:30
Education : Bachelor or Master Degree in Telecommunication CCNA or CCNP “preferred” ----------Competencies: Should have strong technical knowledge & expertise on designing technical solution using these technologies and domain IPv4 networking ;IP/MPLS Design (L2VPN, L3VPN, RSVP-TE, MP-BGP);Microwave Radio Design; Fiber Optics and components (fiber optic cable specs, connectors, ODF, SFP’s, etc.);Experience with multiple vendors preferred (Aviat MW, Nokia IP/MPLS routers, NSN/Dragonwave, Cisco, etc.) Microwave design tools (Pathloss 4 or 5) Network tools (SDH/E1/Ethernet testers) CLI tools (Putty, SecureCRT, etc.) GIS tools (Mapinfo, Google Earth) Excellent verbal & written communication skills Years of Experience 5-8 yrs of relevant experience --------Responsibilities: Connect with Business & other teams to understand requirements & provide solutions. Provide technical leadership and support and will be in-charge of proposing best suited technical design solution. Create & review HLD's & LLD's for Transmission Network/Microwave solutions. Identify & Engage technology partners to execute POC's. Review Technology Deployments & identify improvements in all areas of Transmission Network/Microwave.

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IT Network Engineer
Job Code: J0007
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-02-25 22:51:48
Education:  Bachelor in Computer Network or equivalent degree CCNA, CCNP ----- Competencies:  Good knowledge of Routers, Switches etc Managing and maintaining site-to-site VPN, IPSEC & PPTP etc. Strong knowledge in Hardware, network sizing/scaling and in topology designing. Good knowledge in Hardware and Software Load Balancing and clustering. Good knowledge in TCP/IP and other routing protocols. Strong knowledge in virtualization (Microsoft or VMware or Citrix) products as well as Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Ability to work under pressure, positive attitude towards change, proactive Years of Experience 3-8 years of relevant experience Driving license holder will be preferable. ----  Responsibilities:  Engineering enterprise data, voice and video networks Establishing and operating network test facilities Maintaining a secure transfer of data to multiple locations via internal and external networks Working with vendors and technical staff on network implementation, optimization and ongoing management Providing high-level support and technical expertise in networking technology, including LAN/WAN hardware, switches, bridges and routers Ensure proactive engagement in Incident Management process, working with cross-functional teams to minimize the impact of network service outages

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Job Code: J0008
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-03-26 03:32:09
Open position - only for UAE National --- Key Responsibilities : Diagnose and resolve faults on all radio equipment, including vehicle mounted radio equipment and associated components. Configuration and testing of radio equipment in the workshop. Perform routine maintenance on clients’ radio equipment and associated components within the workshop and field environments. Takes responsibility for completing work on time and in line with Atlas QHSE standards.  Reporting progress and documenting all work activities as per defined processes. Assist Engineer to rectify more in-depth faults. Assist Engineer, or work alone, to perform vehicle installation work. Is expected to work diligently at all times, does not cut corners, follows all reasonable instructions to the letter and escalates immediately when problems cannot be resolved without assistance from others. Build-up and maintain personal competencies relevant to the clients’ products, including familiarity with current and future hardware configurations, likely problems and their solutions. Understands Atlas’ Service Level commitments and takes all reasonable measures to ensure that they are met. Provide competence development/training and support to staff within the battalions as defined in the training plans.  

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Job Code: J0009
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-04-10 23:32:41
--Job Objective -- Responsible for the delivery of technical support requiring an advanced level of knowledge.   Operate at a customer’s site and/or other field locations. This individual is In-charge of the site installation, maintenance and repair of various types of Security system equipments and services with proper technical guidance from their Project Supervisor.They are the first point of contact by the customers or client onsite in the installation and maintenace works.   They guide and train in proper use of tools, equipment and installation sequence of work  onsite.In addition they have to respond to customer requests and inquiries regarding the proper use of equipment and/or services.    --Key Responsibilities –- Work under general supervision performing installations of all types of security system equipments under routine circumstances.Organizes/prioritizes on a daily basis work assignments using either a computer or Job order dispatched or daily job schedule forms.Perform installation tasks such as cable runs, equipment mountings, cable terminations system programming and equipment set-up procedures.Perform maintenance work, testing and troubleshooting of equipments, replacing components and performing maintenance tasks as directed.Use electronic testing equipments, hand tools and power tools applicable for bench work and fieldwork.Submit to immediate supervisor all necessary records of maintenance, installation and requisition reports for required filing purposes as set by company.Accepts responsibility of assigned work orders from immediate supervisor.

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RF Planner
Job Code: J0010
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-04-10 23:44:04
-- Job Objective -- Provide a broad technical capability in order that the Company can deliver complex technological projects.  Provide the Company with a professional project engineering capability  in order that projects are delivered on time, budget and to agreed quality standards. -- Key Responsibilities -- Planning and analysis of TETRA networks. This includes site drive test and antenna selection. Liaise with clients and suppliers on an ongoing basis projecting a professional image to all internal and external stakeholders. Analysis of drive test files, to determine the External and Internal interference in the Network. Drive tests for identifying Coverage holes, capacity requirements and new coverage requirements, Site Auditing, which includes antenna bearing measurement and rectification & giving mechanical tilts to the antennas. Analyzing the processed data and optimizing the network by making required changes like change of orientation of antennas change of tilts, MW-link planning & RF Site. He should have good hands on experience on NEMO drive test tool, and GEMINI drive test tool. Continuously update both technical and managerial skills through the research and study of existing and new technologies and management practices as required by Atlas Technologies. Be responsible for the Implementation of Atlas Telecom safety procedures within assigned Company Activities. Ensure efficient working practices are employed within assigned Company Activities. Performing direct communication (including meetings) with consultants, contractors, subcontractors and  site staff to discuss and solve pending subjects in such away that these solutions be compatible with projects requirements.To preserve and insure safety at sites by implementing the safety measures (e.g wearing of safety helmets and boots, safe scaffolding, proper illumination for night works, coverage of shafts openings, warning tapes and lighting around open trenches and ditches….etc). Coordination with other related departments to achieve the common goals of the company.Planning and analysis of TETRA networks. Continuously update both technical and managerial skills through the research and study of existing and new technologies. Analyzing the processed data and optimizing the network by making required changes. To preserve and insure safety at sites by implementing the safety measures. Coordination with other related departments to achieve the common goals of the company.

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Planning Engineer
Job Code: J0011
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-04-11 00:35:06
--Job Objective -- To use demonstrated technical, collaborative, and organizational skills to successfully complete work projects within time and budget constraints. -- Key Responsibilities -- Prepare and update project schedule based on the contract.Set work program and target milestones for each phase based on the project plan.Monitor critical activities based on the project schedule and advise project management.Report to the Project Manager about the current work progress and make comparison between plan and actual progress and study impact of alternative approaches to work.Participate in project meetings and discussions with the Client as required. -- Person Specification -- Good knowledge of engineering/design scope, job working instruction / procedures, good project control practices in planning and scheduling and overall awareness of projects. Ability to follow verbal and or written instructions. Ability to work under stress and handle stressful situations and meet deadlines. Good report writing abilities. Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with co-workers.Strong team work attitude and ability to motivate the team members, significant communication skills, problem solving attitude, fast and multi-task execution capabilities,strong analytical mind set and imaginative problem solving ability.

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Job Code: J0012
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-04-11 00:58:47
-- Key Responsibilities -- Planning , supervsion and Implemetation of Job. Controlling , managing  and check of techinicain work quality / conduct quality inspection on the insallted systems/ sites. Implemented systems  commissioning , troubleshooting and repair. Preparing  the commissioning and final  acceptance sheets /site documentation and Rectification for acceptance.Team leader and putting daily / weekly tasks and plan.Coordintation  with customer during job implementation. Attend meeting with sales engineer to understand the complete  requirement and to cover the technical clarification.Technical support for sales team on tender preparation , technical offers and put technical calarificaion.Evalutation of Techinicians reporting or working under responsibilities. -- Person Specification -- A minimum of 3 years in a similar  Electircal Enginner ( Telecom Division) or in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

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Procurement Officer
Job Code: J0013
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-04-16 03:53:38
-- Job Objective -- To ensure work is organized and flows in right direction meeting all the standard requirements and communication levels.                    -- Key Responsibilities -- Handling paper work of import & export of the material related to Project. Planning and organization of the movement of, the equipment, and supplies, delivery of equipment to stores and to the sites.Dealing with the suppliers & follow up on the ordered material. Communication with the customer on various issues. Preparing Purchase Orders (LPO). Reporting day to day activities to the Managing Director. Purchase of installation material locally for terminals installation teams. Keeping a track of day to day activities with the terminals installation teams. Involved in all matters related to supplier and subcontractor approval and also in monitoring the performance. Settling & Verifying of invoices from the suppliers and civil contractors. Coordination with other related departments to achieve the common goals of the company.

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Electrical Engineer
Job Code: J0016
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-04-16 04:14:00
-- Job Objective -- Position requires thorough knowledge of electrical design and engineering techniques, as well as CAD and graphics skills.  Responsible to plan and conduct independent work requiring judgment in the evaluation, selection, application and adaptation of engineering techniques, procedures and criteria.  Devise new approaches to problems, and prepare or  modify drawings, specifications, calculations, charts and graphs, and monitor work for compliance to applicable codes, accepted engineering practices and Atlas standards. -- Key Responsibilities -- Requires a broad knowledge of precedents in the specialty area and a solid knowledge of principles and practices of related technical areas. Provides technical direction and on-the-job training to Drafters, Designers, and less experienced Engineers. Assigns and coordinates work to Drafters, Designers, and Engineers. Plan, schedule, conduct, and coordinate program of assigned engineering work and projects. Analyze reports, maps, drawings, tests, and other data to plan and design work. Use engineering and design computer software to complete assigned work. Assemble bid, approval, and construction issue drawing packages. Electrical drawings, specifications, calculations, charts and graphs.

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Software Engineer
Job Code: J0017
Location: Abu Dhabi
2018-04-29 03:41:41
-- Responsibilities & Duties -- • Evaluate and test software applications for usability and functionality. • Monitor program performance to ensure efficient and problem-free operations. • Coordinate user or third party testing. • Conduct historical analyses of test results. • Provide technical support during software installation or configuration. • Monitor bug resolution efforts and track successes. • Install, maintain, or use software testing programs. • Identify program deviance from standards, and suggest modifications to ensure compliance. • Create or maintain databases of known test defects. • Provide feedback and recommendations to developers on software usability and functionality. • Design or develop automated testing tools. • Evaluate or recommend software for testing or bug tracking. • Plan test schedules or strategies in accordance with project scope or delivery dates. • Document test procedures to ensure reliability and compliance with standards. • Update automated test scripts to ensure currency. -- Technical Requirements  -- Must have a bachelor degree or higher qualification in Computer Science or Software Engineering. At least 8 years of relevant experience and/or relevant vendor certification may substitute for the formal qualification. Must have experience in developing software applications (coding) and interfaces (APIs) using the latest development tools e.g. Java, C++, SOAP, etc.

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